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About Us

Sonoma County Safety PALS Mission Statement:

To educate and empower children on fire and life safety topics using engaging theatrical performances through a collaborative effort of public safety personnel, businesses, and community stakeholders.

Safety PALS (PALS=Prevention and Life Safety) is a countywide committee comprised of fire, law, EMS, and community agencies that coordinate a Sonoma County prevention and life safety program for grade 1-3 students. Safety PALS offers a bilingual theatrical production with clowns, puppets, music, dance and characters to teach important safety messages like: How to call 911, what to do if your house catches fire, crosswalk safety, stranger safety, anti-bullying, SMART train safety, and more.


The program is BILINGUAL, is a completely FREE presentation, and Safety PALS pays for the busing to transport students if necessary!


As of Fall 2016, nearly 15,000 Sonoma County grade 1-3 students have already been educated on fire and life safety with this program!


Sponsors & Supporters

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